All – on – 4 (or 5) Osseointegrated Implant Bridge

What is an All-on-4 (5) Dental implants, or Osseo-Integrated Implant Bridge

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What is an All-on-4 (5) Dental implants, or Osseo-Integrated Implant Bridge?

An All-on-4 (5) dental implants, in other words, osseo-integrated implant bridge (OIB) or Fixed detachable hybrid prosthesis is a prosthetic device that is used in conjunction with dental implants to replace a complete upper or lower arch.

In most cases, a series of appointments are given to fabricate a good fitting immediate (or conventional) complete denture. On the surgery date, all remaining teeth are extracted if any followed by multiple implants, either 4 or 5, placement into the jawbone. Once their primary stability is determined by the resisting torque value, abutments are placed on those implants and the complete denture is converted into the fixed temporary prosthesis. Once the conversion is done, it is screwed to the abutments on the same-day-placed implants.

This enables patients to go from natural teeth to the fixed prosthesis on a same day without wearing any removable dentures. The temporary fixed prosthesis require some repairs during the healing phase since it is made of only acrylic without proper metal reinforcement; however provides patients with much more comfort both functionally and emotionally.

Once 3-6 months of healing, integration and testing phase passes, final fixed prosthesis, in other words, osseointegrated implant bridge will be fabricated with the proper metal support. Periodic checkup and acrylic reveneering may be necessary with normal wear and tear of the prosthetic teeth.

It is a great option for patients who need an entire arch restored but do not want something removable such as a complete denture or an overdenture.


Who is a candidate for an OIB?

Possible candidates for an All-on-4(5) dental implant treatment, or an osseo-integrated implant bridge are patients:

  • That are about to lose all remaining teeth of one or both dental arches due to any systemic or dental conditions
  • Interested in a permanent set of teeththat do not have to be taken out at night
  • That do not want a denture
  • Those having suffered severe emotional traumaand feel they are ‘too young’ to wear dentures